Wind farm dismantling

The dismantling of a wind farm is a long-term process that involves an important preparation with its corresponding deployment of means and equipment. It may occur at the end of its life, due to some legislative change or by the decision to repower the project.

The main work lies in dismantling the wind farm completely and then repairing the land to return it to its initial state, providing solutions for sustainable revaluation of all dismantled materials. In Coverwind Solutions we take care of the whole process, always meeting our quality and safety standards and commitment to the environment.

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Dismantle a wind farm:
our working model

First Stage

In the first stage of the dismantling of any wind farm, we start all the necessary procedures:

  • Visit of the wind farm to verify the road, platforms and turbines conditions.

  • After our visit, we start with the preparation of a technical decommissioning proposal, including a study of the component’s recovery, either by recycling, in case of highly obsolete technologies, by reselling on the second-hand market, or by cutting up. It is essential for us to set a planning and an ad hoc methodology for the project, giving the turnkey option if the costumer wishes desires.

While dismantling


When a dismantling of any wind farm begins, the process is separated into several stages:

  • Road and platforms preparation, if necessary, adaptation.

  • Mobilization of wind turbine preparation equipment and launching of turbines for dismantling to be recycled or reused.

  • Mobilization of cranes and disassembly of equipment for the dismantling of wind turbine with ground collection next to the turbine or in a storage area for being cut and prepared for its disposal and recycling. Another alternative is to collect them in trucks for their resale in the second-hand market.


  • After wind turbines were evacuated, we start with the foundation process to break the bedrocks and separate concrete from iron. Once this work is completed, we evacuate all the material for its recycling.

  • Then, we fill the hole to leave the ground and the environment in its original state.

End of the Project

As part of Coverwind usual working method, we issue a report that contains how the process of implementation of the wind dismantling project has been. We also include a close monitoring of the recycled or revaluated components. 

Our target is to achieve our customers satisfaction. For this reason, we always keep the updated information on each stage of the dismantling project, showing all results after we have intervened.


At Coverwind, we contribute to the development of renewable energy worldwide, offering coverage and solutions in the wind industry. We are a Galician Company with international presence that operates in more than 27 countries, providing a wide range of services for the different stages of each project in our industry. 

We emphasize in getting to know our clients and customers, that is why we dedicate time and effort to meet their needs and what is the best way in which we can help them. Since our inception, several companies and professionals have found in Coverwind a reliable partner for many activities related to the wind energy. 

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  • Wind farm dismantling | Vestas V80/2000, Nordex N80/2500, GE 103 3.2Mw, Gamesa G80, Gamesa G52, Vestas V47, V39 y V25. Turnkey projects
  • Assembly equipment in Europe for Vestas, SGRE and GE.
  • Site Management Supervision, Quality Inspection and HSE Coordination in more than 2GW projects. 
  • Full scope in O&M services
  • More than 40 Major Correctives in Vestas, Gamesa and Acciona turbines. 
  • Inspection and reparation in more than 300 blades: SGRE, Vestas, Nordex, Enercon, Ecotecning.

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